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E-Rate Projects

Explanation of E-rate for those who are not familiar with the program:

 The Universal Service program for schools and libraries, more commonly known as the E-rate, is a federal initiative that provides discounts on telecommunications and Internet technologies to elementary and secondary schools and public libraries across this country. Thousands of libraries and schools, from every state in the nation, have participated in this program. All public elementary and secondary schools, as well as most K-12 private and parochial schools, are eligible for discounts under the E-rate program. According to FCC published data there are over 140,000 eligible schools. In the first year of the program, the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company received just over 30,000 applications for funding from schools and libraries. In the second year's application cycle, which closed in April1999, the SLD received more than 32,000 applications. This means that roughly 110,000 schools did not apply for or receive the funding they are entitled to. The E-rate funds a broad range of Internet and telecommunications services, including Internet access, distance learning and videoconferencing service, high speed data connections, phone service, and some internal wiring and network equipment. Although the program does provide discounts on many services, there are a host of specific services that are not funded under the program, including some types of wireless equipment, desktop computers, modems, and computer networking cards. Distinctions were made between eligible services and ineligible services based on the FCC's rules. The discounts themselves range between 20% and 90%, depending on the level of need among the students at a particular school. The level of need is measured using the levels of eligibility for the national school lunch program, which provides free and reduced-price lunches to low-income students. If you would like more information about the SLD and the E-rate program, please visit

CURRENT   E-RATE  YEAR RFPs              (2015-2016)


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FY 2014-2015

RFP_IFB_BM2014.doc (Microsoft Word .doc download)                Basic Maintenance 2014 RFP Q&A


FY 2013-2014

 RFP IFB BM2013.doc     (Microsoft Word .doc download)                Basic Maintenance 2013 RFP Q&A


 WebHosting_2013.doc    (Microsoft Word .doc download)             WebHosting_2013 RFP Q&A



RFP Windows are CLOSED for the following projects


FY 2012-2013

Frequently asked Questions about USAC Form 470s NOT associated with an RFP  (Look here if you have made an  inquiry about a 2012-2013 posted Form 470 with no RFP)

Basic Maintenance 12-13: [USAC Form 470# 263960001005171]:

   RFP_IFB_BM2012.doc    (Microsoft Word .doc download)

New Elementary School Network & Infrastructure: USAC Form 470 # 617880001011584]:

 Frequently asked Questions about SCES2012

RFP/IFB# SCES2012 (Microsoft Word .docx download)

Electrical & Special Systems Plans for above project (Adobe .pdf download)
Pay particular attention to Sheets E4.01 - E4.04
NOTE: IDF B127 has been relocated to B128 - Change order has been made.

SCES Drop Counts by Unit (Microsoft Excel .xlsx download)

SCES IDF Floor Plan                Existing VoIP System Diagram:



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FY 2011-2012

Cisco SmartNet and Basic Maintenance: RFP_IFBSN2011.doc    (Microsoft Word .doc download)

                                                                        Clarification of some Serial Number Questions regarding RFP_IFBSN2011

ExpandWiFi2011: RPF_ExpandWiF2011.doc     (Microsoft Word .doc download)

[Feb 15th, 2011] -  Locations of Wireless Access Points


LAN Bandwidth & Network Infrastructure Upgrades: RFP_Bandwidth2011.doc     (Microsoft Word .doc download)

Cisco Equipment Specifications for above: LAN_rfp_only.xlsx  (Microsoft Excel .xlsx download -  Requires 2007 version or compatible)

Fiber Optic Cable Test Results: Overall recommendation from cable technician

2011 Case Study: Cisco VoIP in classrooms Versus Teacher Blackberries


RFP Windows are CLOSED for the following projects


FY 2010-2011

  RPF_IBFSN2010 "Smartnet" Microsoft Word .doc download