Information Technology Department

  • Sussex County Public Schools' Information Technology (IT) Department is tasked with delivering the communications links, hardware, software, support and everything else necessary to enable the division's people to accomplish the mission of educating our students.

    The IT Department operates and supports an enterprise class Local Area Network (LAN) on the Central Campus which includes three schools, an administrative office and an Operations Center. Our Ethernet Internet connection operates at 1GBps. Our buildings are interconnected via underground fiber optic (f/o) cables operating at 10Gbps. Inside each building we have similar plenum-rated (f/o) connections between wiring closets at 10Gbps with star topology Cat6 copper runs from each closet to PCs and APs operating at 1Gbps.  We also operate and support an 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN within each building with one access point (AP) per instructional classroom. This network is the home of the Sussex Domain; comprised of over forty (40) servers, over two-thousand computers as well as network printers and an extensive VoIP system that enables four digit internal calling on campus.

    The IT Department works hand-in-hand with the administration to coordinate planning, and funding through:

    •  Annual revisions of the division's technology plan
    •  Preparation of the IT Department's budget
    •  Technology recommendations for division's capital improvement plan

    Annual "E-Rate" applications for funding to the Universal Service Administrative Company's "Schools and Libraries Division". (USAC/SLD).
    Since 1999, SCPS IT Department has obtained over $3 Million in committed funds from USAC/SLD. These funds have been used to cover yearly tier I eligible technology service expenses and also several tier II eligible internal connections projects.

    Visit the USAC/SLD website at:

    for more information about the E-Rate Program

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