Arthur Jarrett, Jr., Ed.D, Superintendent

Arthur Jarrett, Jr., Ed.D, Superintendent

Division's and Superintendent’s Guiding Principles: 

  • •  Intentionally Increasing Student Achievement
    •  Teacher Support
    •  Principal Instructional Leadership Support
    •  Community Outreach/Partnerships

Geese in Flying V Formation (Represents Teamwork)
  • Teamwork


  • We believe that all students can learn. The mission of Sussex County Public Schools is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where all students develop into knowledgeable and productive citizens. Sussex County Public Schools will provide the necessary instructional resources, learning opportunities and leadership for students to reach their highest educational potential to be our leaders of tomorrow.


  • For Sussex County Public Schools to be a model of academic excellence and high student achievement for rural public education in our state and eventually, the nation.

    We owe it to our children to set a very high bar. With persistence, dedication, creativity, and student focus, we will realize our vision.

Core Beliefs

    • Our diversity is a source of strength.
    • Our schools must be safe.
    • All students are capable of meeting high expectations.
    • We are accountable for our students’ success.
    • Every individual in our Division contributes to our students’ success.
    • We have a responsibility to work collaboratively with our families and community members.
    • Respect, trust, and honest communication are the foundation of successful and productive relationships.
    • A strong school system is essential to the vitality of our community.