Home Instruction

  • A parent who elects home instruction must notify the school division superintendent no later than August 15 of the intent to do so for the coming school year, provide a list of the subjects to be studied for the coming year, and provide evidence of having met one of the criteria described in § 22.1-254.1.A of the Code of Virginia for providing home instruction.  Parents who move into the school division or begin home instruction after the school year has begun must notify the division superintendent of their intent to provide home instruction as soon as practicable and comply with the provisions of the statute within 30 days of such notice. (§ 22.1-254.1.B, Code of Virginia) This means that after providing the school division with a notice of intent, the parents can begin home schooling and they will have 30 days to submit the other required information to the school division.  The notice of intent to provide home instruction may be in the form of a letter or other written documentation and must identify the child or children involved.   Parents seeking a religious exemption must petition the school board and show that, by reason of bona fide religious training or belief, the pupil, together with his parents, is conscientiously opposed to attendance at school. The term bona fide religious training or belief “does not include essentially political, sociological, or philosophical views or a merely personal code.” (§ 22.1-254.B.1, Code of Virginia).  For more information about home instruction, contact the Director of Student Support Services at 434-246-1048.

Young boy using hand held device