Superintendent’s Biography

  •      On December 14, 2023, Dr. Julius Hamlin was unanimously approved by the School Board of Sussex County Public Schools (SCPS), to be the new Division Superintendent.  Dr. Hamlin and his family are truly grateful for the opportunity to return home to continue the heartwork.  Prior to rejoining the SCPS team, Dr. Hamlin served the Petersburg City Public Schools (PCPS) and the Petersburg City community in his roles as Acting Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendent.  Prior to PCPS, Dr. Hamlin served the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Associate Director within the Office of School Quality for the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).  Dr. Hamlin has also previously selflessly served in the capacity of Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent’s Designee, Director of Instruction, as well as Secondary and Elementary Principal with Sussex County Public Schools.
         In addition to nearly twenty years of educational leadership experience, Dr. Hamlin holds an active Division Superintendent and Postgraduate Professional License issued by the Virginia Board of Education and in 2020 completed the Aspiring Superintendents Program at Virginia Tech.  His Doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Supervision, as well as his Master of Education degree, were both earned from Virginia State University where he is also serving as an Adjunct Professor.  Dr. Hamlin obtained his Educational Leadership and Supervision certification from George Washington University.  His undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Technology is from Norfolk State University.
    Dr. Julius Hamlin’s professional interests all revolve around being an active participant for positive change.  He has a constant focus to intentionally make a significant difference in the lives of the children, staff, faculty, administration and other stakeholders in the community he serves.  As a product of the Virginia public school system and having worked with school divisions across the Commonwealth, Dr. Hamlin says that he has been fortunate to have served in Virginia communities as a student, teacher, coach, school principal, school division administrator, and VDOE administrator.  As a servant leader, Dr. Hamlin continues to promote the importance of creating a culture of collaboration, relationship building, accountability, and working together as one community.
    One of Dr. Hamlin’s most gratifying professional accomplishments was in his former role as an elementary principal who assembled and led the team responsible for moving Sussex Central Elementary School from the bottom ten percent in the state to “Fully Accredited” status during his first year as their principal.  Through the dedication and hard work of an elite group of students, faculty, staff, and community members, this Sussex Central Elementary School TEAM gained more than 20 percentage points on the Standards of Learning assessments for both Reading and Math in that spectacular school year.
    During his subsequent tenure in Sussex County Public Schools, Dr. Hamlin was also fortunate to have provided additional direct support to SCPS which aided all elementary and secondary schools to earn and maintain their full accreditation status over the years.   Dr. Hamlin believes that all localities can leverage high impact data to achieve and celebrate student performance growth.  This kind of success can be the catalyst to boost educator morale, elevate the confidence of children, and validate the support from all stakeholders.  This success can also be the catalyst for achieving the goals and action steps developed by a team of reflective hardworking practitioners within any locality.
    On a personal note, Dr. Hamlin is also the proud father of three and is married to his best friend.  In addition to spending quality time with family, he also enjoys supporting students at school and community events.  Whenever time allows, you can find Dr. Hamlin catching up on his “Honey Do” list and hitting golf balls out on the golf course.

Guiding Principles:

  • •  Intentionally Increasing Student Achievement
    •  Teacher Support
    •  Principal Instructional Leadership Support
    •  Community Outreach/Partnerships

Core Beliefs

    • Our diversity is a source of strength.
    • Our schools must be safe.
    • All students are capable of meeting high expectations.
    • We are accountable for our students’ success.
    • Every individual in our Division contributes to our students’ success.
    • We have a responsibility to work collaboratively with our families and community members.
    • Respect, trust, and honest communication are the foundation of successful and productive relationships.
    • A strong school system is essential to the vitality of our community.


  • We believe that all students can learn. The mission of Sussex County Public Schools is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where all students develop into knowledgeable and productive citizens. Sussex County Public Schools will provide the necessary instructional resources, learning opportunities and leadership for students to reach their highest educational potential to be our leaders of tomorrow.


  • For Sussex County Public Schools to be a model of academic excellence and high student achievement for rural public education in our state and eventually, the nation.

    We owe it to our children to set a very high bar. With persistence, dedication, creativity, and student focus, we will realize our vision.